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The following conditions and terms are rules for submitting content to the Bulletin Board and Event Discussions.

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The following conditions and terms are rules for submitting content ("Member Content") to the areas of PAC 2019 (the "App") concerning the Bulletin Board and Event Discussions (collectively referred to as the "Bulletin Board").

You are authorized to post comments, photographs, and other content to the Message Board only if you agree to both the Conditions of Use for the App and these Posting Rules ("Rules") and any amendments or supplements to them that may be posted from time to time (collectively referred to as this "Agreement").

If you do not agree to these terms, you are not permitted to submit any Member Content to the Bulletin Board. Your use of this Bulletin Board shall be deemed to constitute your consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement and shall be enforceable in the same way as if you had signed the Agreement. If you are not willing to accept the terms and conditions in the Agreement, you are not authorized to submit any Member Content to the Bulletin Board.

Authorization and Conditions for Posting Content

Subject to all of the conditions and terms of use as stated herein, you are authorized to post content ("Member Content") and otherwise utilize this Bulletin Board for such purposes as are otherwise stated herein.

All Member Content is the property of the person with whom the Member Content originated but Gridfriday retains the right to use any Member Content in any way it sees fit, including but not limited to marketing materials.

You understand and agree that all Member Content is the sole responsibility of the person with whom the Member Content originated. Thus, you are entirely responsible for all Member Content that you disseminate or transmit through or by means of this Bulletin Board. Also, because the App developer ("") does not review Member Content for accuracy or compliance with applicable laws, if you chose to rely on Member Content, you assume all risk and are solely responsible for the consequences of doing so.

You represent and agree that you will not use the Bulletin Board in any way to:

(a) post, disseminate, or transmit any content that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, libelous, or invasive of your own or another's privacy;

(b) post, disseminate, or transmit any content that infringes or violates any party's copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, or other proprietary right, including, but not limited to using third-party materials without appropriate permission, and using or distributing third-party information (whether or not protected as a trade secret) in violation of a duty of confidentiality;

(c) post, disseminate, or transmit any worms, viruses, or other harmful, disruptive, or destructive files, code, or programs;

(d) post, disseminate, or transmit any unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, spam, junk mail, or any other type of unsolicited mass email;

(e) impersonate any person or entity; falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity; intentionally omit, delete, forge, or misrepresent transmission information, including headers, return mailing, and Internet protocol addresses; or otherwise manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the App;

(f) post, disseminate, or transmit any Content you do not have the right to post, disseminate, or transmit;

(g) interfere with, disrupt, or harm in any way the servers or networks connected to the App;

(h) collect or store personal data about other Users, or otherwise; engage in any activities that would violate the personal privacy rights of others;

(i) use the Bulletin Board for any illegal purpose, in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, demands, disputes, damages, and costs of any kind, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of litigation resulting from or in any way connected with your use of the Bulletin Board; Content you submit, post, or transmit through the Bulletin Board; your breach of the Agreement; and your connection to the Bulletin Board.

Bulletin Board Policing

If a Member feels a certain Member Content violates the Rules, they should report the abuse/violation. A delegate of ("Moderator") will in turn respond to the individual reporting. If it is determined that the complained of content violates the Rules, it will be removed from the Bulletin Board as soon as possible.

Deleting a Message

The Bulletin Board is operated using a "hands off" policy for Member content. However, content that violates the Rules will be deleted or edited.

Member Content that violates the Rules may be deleted. Some of the reasons include, but are not limited to:

Abusive Content

Content that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, libelous, or invasive of the member's own or another's privacy is not allowed. A comment is potentially defamatory or libelous if it is stated as a fact instead of an opinion, if it is untrue and it causes harm to the person about whom the comment was made, Language that is racist, sexist, sexually explicit, defamatory or insulting is not allowed.

Suspending a Member

The Moderator will have the ability to remove or suspend a Member's posting privileges. Members receive infraction points for violating the rules. Once a specific number of infraction points is reached, the Moderator can then suspend their posting privileges temporarily or permanently, which means they are reduced to a "read-only" status for the Bulletin Board. The following criteria are set by the Moderator at the time of suspension:

A private message is sent to the user notifying them of their suspension. A default message is sent, but the Moderator has the ability to edit/personalize the message prior to sending. A message will be displayed when the suspended user attempts to submit Member Content to the Bulletin Board. If a member continuously violates our policies, they may be permanently banned from the Bulletin Board.

How will you notify me of changes to the board posting rules?

We may update the Board Posting Rules from time to time. Thus, we advise you to review this page periodically for any changes. We will not notify you of any changes. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted.

Any questions concerning these Rules may be directed to

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